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Fish Festival Fortnight

Fish Festival Fortnight

From 7-21 December we are launching our first Fish Festival Fortnight when ther will be an array of different fish available each day. At least a choice of 5 different fish. Great prices too.

Cod & haddock plus at least 3 of the following Plaice, Hake, Dog Fish, Panga, Skate and Calamari with garlic mayonnaise. There will be a limited supply each day, so make sure you ring and reserve yours if you want something in particular.

Call on 01476 405295, or pop in to the shop and speak to a member of staff.

Panga & Hake are both white fish, served in fillets like the cod and haddock. Plaice and skate are both flat fish and have a more delicate taste and texture than other fish. Dog Fish, or Rock Salmon as it is also known is a more meaty fish, similar to fresh tuna. Calamari (squid) has a firm texture, which is complemented by the crispy batter and highly addictive when dipped in our lemon, or garlic mayonnaise.

Prices (valid 7-21 december 2012)

Hake £3.80, with chips £4.95

Panga £3.80, with chips £4.75

Plaice £3.80, with chips £4.95

Skate £4.50, with chips £5.50

Rock Salmon £3.80, with chips £4.95

Calamari with either lemon, or garlic mayonnaise £2.25

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